Pipes & Tobaccos

At Buffalo Tobacco Traders, we always have about 400 imported briar pipes in stock, plus a complete selection of pipe lighters, pouches, tools and accessories.

Our tobaccos: Flavored, Old-Style Burleys, Pressed and Scottish-English blends.  Over 35 blends in all.  Looking for blending tobaccos?  Latakia, Turkish or Virginia-it's in stock, no need to special order these tobaccos. 

Unlike most stores, which just repackage bulk tobaccos, at Buffalo Tobacco Traders we still carefully blend most of our tobaccos by hand, using the formulas developed over 38 years in business by Buffalo Tobacco Traders.

Take our Buffalo Pipe Bribe: Purchase any eight ounces of our custom blended pipe tobaccos, from one jar and any briar pipe and take 20% off the list price of both items. 

Our Pipes


  • Eriksen

  • Nording

  • Kriswell

  • Private Labels

  • Savinelli

  • Estate and Used Pipes: Sometimes we have a large selection and sometimes we don't.

    Call or stop by for more information.

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